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How to solve the hot phenomenon of no-load test machine of pneumatic tools

before, someone found that the carving pen was hot, similar to the hot phenomenon of pneumatic disc sandpaper machine, air batch and carving mill. Asked about the situation, it is all the "disaster" caused by the no-load test machine. Here, I will popularize the knowledge of the no-load test machine of pneumatic tools.

1. Pneumatic tools are not allowed to be cultivated in the early market of new materials, and long-term no-load test machine will "hurt the machine" ", generally, please try to control the test run within 30 seconds.

2. Pneumatic tools are high-speed tools, especially when no-load, the speed is very fast, and the wear of each part is several to dozens of times that of normal use. It is more unimaginable after a long time.

3. Some pneumatic tools are designed to achieve the heat dissipation effect by using the compression ratio of air in the motor when there is load. For example, it is easy to engrave grinding pens and test the machine without load for a long time Cause damage to the machine. Immediately form a polar film on the skin by simple application

4 In the process of no-load, the shaft sleeve and bearing inside the pneumatic tool rotate faster, the friction is also large, and the natural heating is also large. Even under normal use, there will be heating, but to a certain extent, it is normal that the temperature will be constant when the pressure testing machine is installed at an uneven level. Generally, tool factories with high temperature will add silicone sleeves and rubber sleeves for proper protection in the design process. High temperature weather will also affect the machine, and the temperature will increase to a certain extent

so in the future, 3. When the sample is not clamped and the machine is hot during the test, try to avoid long-term no-load test

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