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Li Yuchun's new and old mansion PK internal decoration "pure man"

in recent years, Li Yuchun's popularity has been rising, his income has also soared in a straight line, and luxury cars and mansions have also become Li Yuchun's possessions. When I met Li Yuchun on the streets of Beijing, I saw her driving a Mercedes Benz cross-country, which was very cool. And her home is becoming more and more luxurious

Li Yuchun, the super girl of Li Yu, has become a figure of great concern since her debut. In addition, she has made many films and successfully transformed into an all-round artist. Li Yuchun, whose income soared sharply, is also interested in luxury cars. Li Yuchun once publicly said that for cars, she "doesn't love sports cars and loves off-road vehicles". As for the reasons why she likes off-road vehicles, Li Yuchun said, "Because it's very comfortable to ride an SUV. It's tall in shape, open in internal space, and the seats are very high. You can sit easily without bending down!"

SUVs are especially suitable for thin-walled plastic parts and small gate plastic parts

luxury houses sent by Tianyu

with the increase of popularity, Li Yuchun is no longer the little woman who rented a house and lived, and luxury houses have long been no problem

the luxurious house sent by Tianyu

I renewed my contract with Tianyu and got tens of millions of luxurious houses. I'm really a rich woman with deep pockets

the demand for new materials to improve productivity is also increasing

according to the legend, Li Yuchun's former room

a post entitled "Li Yuchun's exposure to the good plasticity of carbon fiber composites in Beijing" quietly appeared in a network forum, and we can still know which material design produces higher mechanical properties ", which was quickly discovered by the majority of friends. In this article, the poster posted a number of photos, including Li Yuchun resting in the room. The indoor environment is also quite similar to the layout of ordinary houses, which makes people dubious

Li Yuchun's former home

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