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Li Keqiang said that in the future, he would recommend nine shares of cloud computing to the world, which is expected to blowout

pick up the driving button in the afternoon of July 25. The official Weibo of Inspur Group announced that it would use its advanced technology to help enterprises better complete production. Li Keqiang inspected Inspur today and listened to the development report of Inspur cloud computing and big data industries. Li Keqiang said that informatization is developing rapidly all over the world, and cloud computing and big data are a big trend! Inspur has the strength to compete with international advanced enterprises in cloud computing, big data and informatization core equipment, and is the backbone of national informatization construction

Premier Li Keqiang also said that cloud computing and big data have become a new wave. I hope you can face the future of the world and become a trendsetter in the field of cloud computing and big data in China! Like the name of the tide, walk at the forefront of the tide! Use your efforts to show the accuracy of China's influence to the world and benefit the country and the people

Li Keqiang: in the future, he will not only promote high-speed rail, but also recommend cloud computing to the world.

according to Xinhua news agency, when Premier Li Keqiang visited Shandong Inspur Group on July 25, the person in charge of the Enterprise boldly asked the Premier: I hope you will support China as you support China's high-speed rail, and launch the first experimental production of cloud computing key application hosts overseas in Dutch waters in June this year. Li Keqiang promised on the spot that his future visits would not only promote China's high-speed rail and nuclear power, but also recommend China's cloud computing to the global market

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