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Li Keqiang inspected the production base of Jinglong group

on June 7, Premier Li Keqiang came to Xingtai Industrial Park of Jinglong group in Hebei Province to investigate the difficulties existing in the operation of photovoltaic enterprises. He sent a message that photovoltaic enterprises should advance in difficulties, mature in setbacks, and rely on the domestic market to revitalize China's photovoltaic industry

on June 4 local time, the European Commission announced the preliminary findings of the anti-dumping investigation on Chinese photovoltaic products, and decided to impose a temporary anti-dumping duty of 11.8% on Chinese photovoltaic products involved from June 6 to August 6. If the two sides cannot reach a solution before August 6, the anti-dumping tax rate will rise to 47.6%

in the cutting workshop of crystal YSD group, the world's largest monocrystalline silicon production base and the world's largest crystal left displacement silicon solar cell manufacturer, Li Keqiang asked about the impact of the EU's move on enterprise operations with concern. Jinbaofang, chairman of Jinglong group, said that the EU double anti dumping investigation has a great impact on the enterprise, and there are problems such as non-standard market. The enterprise is very dependent on foreign markets, while the European market accounts for nearly 70% of the enterprise's foreign market share

after listening to Jin Baofang's introduction, Li Keqiang said that the difficulties are temporary. The current negotiations have achieved some results, but the negotiations are not over. We firmly oppose trade protectionism and hope that enterprises and the government can work together to do a good job. Can you survive these two months

no problem! Jin Baofang said. He then put forward three suggestions on the development of China's photovoltaic industry, such as exploring the domestic market

these three suggestions are very good! Li Keqiang immediately told the staff to record the suggestions. He said that China's photovoltaic industry is a strategic emerging industry with international competitive advantages, which is a hard won achievement. However, any industry or enterprise will not be smooth sailing if it wants to maintain the world's leading position. It should have confidence and continue to improve its technical level, product quality and reduce costs in overcoming difficulties, so as to make its products more competitive and expand the market more effectively

this suggestion you put forward is very important, which is to strengthen the development of the domestic market. Li Keqiang said that in addition to stabilizing the international market, it is important to start the domestic market and digest production capacity

there are many reasons for the inadequate development of the domestic market. We are also studying the need to strengthen domestic market development, because domestic demand can be cultivated. Li Keqiang said that the state has formulated policies to promote photovoltaic power generation, including the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation, encouraging households in units and communities to use photovoltaic power generation devices, providing subsidies and tax incentives for photovoltaic power generation, and providing convenience for photovoltaic power generation

our country still needs a lot in the process of industrialization and urbanization. You should also have confidence. Li Keqiang encouraged

we are confident that we will be able to tide over the difficulties! Jin Baofang said. Finally, Li Keqiang also reminded that in the face of severe competition, it is bound to eliminate backward production and make the structure of domestic software more reasonable. Enterprises should further improve the level of technology and equipment to win new advantages through innovation

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