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Li Ye: in the future, we will improve the charging infrastructure standard system and promote the construction of "interconnection +" charging facilities

from January 11 to 13, the "China electric vehicle hundred people's Forum (2019)" was held in diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing. With the theme of "automobile revolution and transportation, low experimental speed of energy, coordinated development of cities", this forum focuses on the transformation of zero emission and electrification of vehicles, energy transformation and transformation of traditional energy companies, the prospect of future transportation and travel transformation, the development of key technologies of the next generation of vehicles, the trend of automotive intelligence and connectivity, the cultivation of core supply chain, the transformation of automotive production and organization mode, the docking of international innovation Industrial policy adjustment and other hot issues

at the global zero emission and comprehensive electrification conference held on the morning of the 12th, Li Ye, the regulatory director of the national energy administration, made a keynote speech. He said that the national energy administration is currently fully promoting the structural reform of the energy supply side, accelerating the construction of charging infrastructure, and improving the charging infrastructure standard system, Promote the construction of "interconnection +" charging facilities "Green Express construction.

according to relevant data, China's non petrochemical energy power generation accounted for 29.9% in 2018, and it is expected that by 2030, the non petrochemical energy power generation will account for about half. On the other hand, by the end of 2018, China's charging infrastructure had reached 760000, an increase of 320000 over the end of last year. Among them, 300000 public piles and 460000 special piles. Take Beijing and Shanghai as examples, by November 2018 In June, Beijing new energy vehicles had 219000, charging piles 147000, and the vehicle pile ratio was 1.49:1; Shanghai new energy vehicles have 231000 and 206000 charging piles, with a vehicle pile ratio of 1.12:1

however, at present, there are still some problems in the charging infrastructure, such as the low utilization rate of charging facilities, the cooperation between vehicle and pile needs to be strengthened, and the technical level is still low

in response to these problems, Li Ye talked about solutions from three aspects: in terms of business model, support the exploration and innovation of charging business model, promote the coordinated development of vehicle piles, and improve the user charging experience. Consider further reducing government intervention and giving play to the role of the market in optimizing the allocation of resources. In terms of advanced technology research and development, we will accelerate the promotion and application of flexible charging technology, strengthen the research on key technologies such as wireless charging and intelligent charging, and consider carrying out interactive test and demonstration of charging facilities and electricity in key areas. In terms of promoting the integrated development of charging service platforms, we should actively play the role of industry associations such as the charging infrastructure promotion alliance, accelerate the integrated development of national service platforms on the basis of the information platforms of operating enterprises, and use the leverage of central financial funds to provide more intelligent and convenient charging services to Shanxi Aluminum Plant Director Wang Tianqing for new energy vehicle users from the current processing mode

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