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Li Xiaoliang: the new leader who prefers dialectical thinking

if you want to use a word to describe the paper market in 2018, the most appropriate one should be "turbulence". Since the end of 2017, due to the continuous tight supply of imported waste paper raw materials and other reasons, several well-known enterprises in the industry have stopped the business of paper production, and the normal production of China's paper industry is in trouble. In this situation, there are several enterprises that stick to the position of paper production, Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd. is one of the backbone. As Li Xiaoliang, chairman of Huatai Paper, said at the China papermaking sustainable development forum a few days ago, "no matter what happens, Huatai, as one of the paper production plants, will continue to produce paper products without hesitation and try to meet the overall needs of the market."

this year is the 16th year that Li Xiaoliang entered Huatai Paper Industry. In 2015, he took over as the chairman of the company and became the new leader of Huatai Paper. In the past 16 years with Huatai Paper, he has always regarded scientific and technological innovation as the first driving force for the development of the company with his original intention for the paper industry. Li Xiaoliang is a typical Shandong person, tall and easy-going. In the exclusive interview with China Publishing radio and television news, his hearty laughter accompanied the whole interview. What is your deepest feeling after working in the paper industry for many years? Why does Huatai insist on producing paper? What is the future development direction of the company... In the interview, I found the answer to the above question

stick to: production of paper without hesitation

Li Jianhua, the father of Li Xiaoliang, is the founder of Huatai Group. He led Huatai Paper Industry to produce paper in the largest scale in terms of mechanical property experiments of metals, nonmetals, composite materials and products. He is a man of the moment in China's paper industry. Under such influence, Li Xiaoliang naturally entered this industry. "Seeing my father's generation struggling for China's paper industry all his life has a profound impact on me, so I am also determined to contribute my part to China's paper industry." Li Xiaoliang told

before officially entering Huatai Paper Industry, Li Xiaoliang worked in the media. From 1999 to 2002, he worked in Shandong Youth Daily as a photographer. This "fate" with the paper media may explain why Li Xiaoliang insisted on developing the paper business. Last year, the sharp reduction of paper production resulted in a situation that the paper market was in short supply and prices rose sharply. The paper inventory of some newspapers was in urgent need, and the safety of newspaper publishing was facing a severe situation. The paper production of Huatai Paper Industry was inevitably challenged

Recalling the difficulties faced at that time, Li Xiaoliang believed that the impact of electronic media on traditional paper media was not only a crisis, but also represented the birth of a new era. "We should regard the crisis as an opportunity. Under the general situation, every enterprise will encounter its own problems. In the face of difficulties, what we need to do is to meet the needs of the market as much as possible. Under the continuous instability of the international and domestic economy, we should speed up 'transfer and innovation' and overcome the huge impact of electronic media on the paper media." Li Xiaoliang said

in fact, Huatai Paper Industry, as the largest paper base of a single factory in the world, has rewritten the history of domestic dependence on imports of high-grade paper as early as 2000. Huatai Paper is basically used in the printing of Central Party newspapers such as people's daily and economic daily, as well as provincial Party newspapers. It can be said that Huatai Paper accounts for 70% of the market share of Party newspapers above the provincial level. Therefore, for Li Xiaoliang and Huatai Paper, sticking to the paper position is not only an economic problem, but also a political problem. "As a national strategic reserve material, paper should ensure the supply of strategic materials and the use of paper in major party newspapers and periodicals. Even if it loses money, it should also adhere to a high degree of political sense." Li Xiaoliang told

in 2018, under the condition of national restrictions on the import of waste paper, Huatai Paper overcame many difficulties to ensure production, and escorted the publicity of major activities such as the national two sessions and the Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation summit. Although he successfully completed the task, in retrospect, Li Xiaoliang can still feel the difficulties at that time

survived the storm. In the future, Huatai Paper industry will apply a small panel control system to control and collect raw data. How can it continue to stick to the position of paper production and ensure the safety of newspaper publishing in China? Li Xiaoliang has three plans: "the first is to improve the level of equipment; the second is to strengthen R & D technology and innovation; the third is to implement the national 'the Belt and Road' initiative, make full use of imported wood pulp and waste paper, establish raw material bases abroad, solve the bottleneck of domestic raw material shortage, and further consolidate the foundation for the great development of the main papermaking industry."

Innovation: make good use of this "heirloom"

innovation is the "heirloom" of Huatai Paper to achieve leapfrog development for more than 40 years. Inherited from his parents, Li Xiaoliang also regards innovation as the key to the development of the company. He told: "innovation is development, and innovation is the future." Over the years, Huatai Paper has attracted high-level talents and continued to carry out technological innovation and product research and development by relying on seven scientific research platforms, such as post doctoral scientific research workstation, national enterprise technology center, academician workstation, etc

in Li Xiaoliang's view, innovation is not limited to technology, but also extends to environmental protection and green development. "Production is money, and environmental protection is life. You can't ask for money without asking for life." Li Xiaoliang kept this sentence on his lips and in his heart. "In more than 40 years of development, Huatai Paper has always taken 'building an environmental protection and resource-saving enterprise' as the goal, actively implemented energy conservation and consumption reduction and ecological environmental protection society, took environmental protection as a cause, organically combined with circular economy, advocated and personally practiced the development strategy of green ecological paper industry, and achieved sustainable development." Li Xiaoliang said

"environmental protection" is easy to say, but it needs the persistence of the person in charge of the enterprise and the joint efforts of all employees to implement it consistently. "We introduce advanced information technology to transform traditional industries, actively promote the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization, and hope to find a new industrialization path with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution." Li Xiaoliang said

how to take this "green innovation" road? Li Xiaoliang told Five Secrets: "build green industrial clusters, implement green life projects, innovate to support the circular economy, create green benefits with low carbon, and bring industrial revolution with science and technology." In recent years, Huatai Paper has developed hundreds of clean and energy-saving processes through introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, and achieved the rational allocation and maximum recycling of water, electricity and gas resources in the production process by using advanced technology. Except for the reuse of some workshops, the treated wastewater is used to irrigate paper-making fast-growing forests. "We have achieved the recycling of water and basically achieved the goal of 'low energy consumption, no pollution and zero emission'." Li Xiaoliang told

Li Xiaoliang is also unambiguous in the treatment of industrial three wastes, which is of great concern to the whole society. Huatai Paper invested more than 3 billion yuan to install phase IV of the world's leading sewage treatment system. "We should be one of the first enterprises in the industry to build waste residue incinerators and use paper-making waste to burn and generate electricity. This way not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also creates benefits." Li Xiaoliang said. Huatai Paper also transformed the original thermal power flue gas desulfurization and dust removal, adding environmental protection projects such as denitration, ultra-low emission, water treatment, odor treatment, etc. "We dare not say that it has reached the highest level of pollution control in the industry, but continuous innovation has indeed helped Huatai Paper achieve the synchronous and balanced development of ecological civilization and economic benefits." Li Xiaoliang said so

appeal: finance helps the real economy

engaged in the paper industry for decades, Li Xiaoliang was most impressed by the impact of the 2008 international financial crisis on Huatai Paper. He told: "at that time, faced with overcapacity, poor sales, blocked exports and other problems, the company's sales were very difficult." However, from the perspective of "dialectical view of things" that Li Xiaoliang has always adhered to, the financial storm is also a valuable experience of crisis and opportunity: "we have ensured the stable development of the group through a series of measures such as adjusting the product structure, strengthening sales management, and controlling production costs."

it is Li Xiaoliang's habit to think about the company's development from a financial perspective. When asked about the biggest pressure Huatai Paper is facing at present, These two projects only proved reserves at that time. He mentioned the financing difficulties of private enterprises: "Since 2017, the state has implemented the financial deleveraging policy, which has had a great impact on the real enterprises. The financing difficulties of the real enterprises, and some enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have gone bankrupt due to the fracture of the capital chain. Although the state has recently issued a series of policies to support the financing of private enterprises, the problems of difficult and expensive financing of enterprises have not been effectively alleviated."

In February, Li Xiaoliang participated in the second session of the 12th CPPCC Shandong Provincial Committee as a member of the CPPCC Shandong Provincial Committee. His proposal was to resolve financial risks and increase financial support for the real economy. Why put forward such a proposal? Li Xiaoliang shared his thoughts with: "In recent years, affected by the international financial crisis and the European debt crisis, the situation of foreign trade and exports is severe, the demand of domestic and foreign markets is weakened, and the willingness to invest in the real economy is not strong. The survival situation of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, is more difficult than that during the 2008 financial crisis. At present, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises mostly rely on joint insurance and mutual insurance to obtain bank loans. Under the severe economic situation, the capital chain is easy to break, which will bring serious financial problems Risk. "

in Li Xiaoliang's view, finance is a strong support for the development of the real economy, and the real economy is an important foundation for financial prosperity. The two complement each other and are indispensable. He said that the sustained and stable development of Shandong's economy benefited from the policies put forward by the Shandong provincial Party committee and the provincial government to focus on the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, which helped enterprises solve great difficulties

in the proposal, Li Xiaoliang suggested to grasp the regulation rhythm and pay attention to maintaining pressure. He said, "we should solve the problems of unreasonable charges and additional loan conditions, relax and simplify the loan conditions and approval procedures of enterprises to a certain extent, and alleviate the situation of excessive loan costs of enterprises. In addition, we should strengthen post loan inspection, track the trend of loans, ensure that loans are injected into the operation of the real economy, and give full play to the role of Finance in supporting the development of the real economy."

as the new leader of Huatai Paper Industry, Li Xiaoliang inherited and carried forward the spirit of hard work and pioneering spirit of the older generation of Huatai people, and led Huatai through the cold winter of market economy with the working style of dedication, hard work, conscientiousness, preciseness and steadiness. At the same time, he insisted on innovative thinking and maintained the rapid, stable and sustainable development of the company by accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. On the road of leading Huatai forward, Li Xiaoliang did not forget to pay attention to the development of the whole market. In his proposal, it is an entrepreneur's responsibility to society

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