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Li Xinchuang: how to avoid "one size fits all" in steel enterprises' environmental protection and production restriction

on the afternoon of November 24, the 13th Bohai rim steel market forum was held in Beijing. At this forum, Li Xinchuang, President of the metallurgical planning and Research Institute, said when talking about the current China's iron and steel industry policy and environmental protection situation: "recently, it is indeed necessary for iron and steel enterprises to take relevant measures such as environmental peak shifting restrictions. Of course, we are opposed to 'one size fits all'."

"If 'one size fits all', first, it will dampen the enthusiasm of enterprises, and second, it will not improve pollution emissions. So, how to avoid 'one size fits all'? We simply divide enterprises into 'red, yellow and green'. For good enterprises, there is no limit, less limit, and for poor enterprises, there is full limit, more limit, which fully reflects fair competition. This is our very obvious feature. It is precisely to take different measures to limit production by 50%, and the pollutant emissions of the whole Tangshan will be reduced The range is more than 65%, reaching 70%. " Li Xinchuang said

Li Xinchuang stressed: "environmental protection measures should be strictly implemented, no matter how great the resistance is. Now environmental protection assessment indicators are constantly tightening. For environmental protection, enterprises can't have a rebellious mentality, especially the steel enterprises in the steel intensive areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the surrounding areas, it is more important to strictly guarantee the function of 5 ~ 25 ℃; environmental protection measures should be implemented."

in addition, Li Xinchuang believes that environmental protection is not only an issue of environmental protection itself, but also takes into account fairness, scientific development and a series of policies. In some regions, there is indeed a phenomenon that emissions do not fall but rise. However, in order to control the development direction of the global green economy and lightweight strategy, the increment of enterprises with good environmental protection is small, and the output of enterprises with poor environmental protection increases too fast, which is the main reason for the decline of the overall environmental quality

as for the further expansion of steel brand popularity, Li Xinchuang stressed that reducing production capacity is not to go to steel, and reducing development is not to go without development. It is a blessing for the industry to reshape the steel value chain and continuously improve the competitiveness of the industry. We should remove production capacity according to law and regulations, so that inefficient and ineffective production capacity can be withdrawn. In the past two years, 115million tons of capacity reduction has been completed, and more than 100 million tons of "ground steel" have been completely eliminated, which is a great achievement. However, in the future, we should strictly control the new production capacity and prevent the resurgence of "ground steel"

"in the next step, we should advocate green development, including green procurement. We cannot simply pursue high speed, but also high quality. Good steel is not only good products, but also good enterprises, good environment, good mode, good supply chain and good development concepts, so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the entire steel industry." Li Xinchuang said

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