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Basic knowledge of purchasing new agricultural machinery products

in recent years, with the implementation of the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy project, various new agricultural machinery products have also been introduced to the market. The enthusiasm of the vast number of agricultural machinery households to purchase agricultural machinery products is high, and the purchase of agricultural machinery requires years of savings, and some also need loans or cooperation. As the input of agricultural production materials, it often takes several years or even more years. If the purchase is improper, It will bring unnecessary trouble and even cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, some suggestions on how to choose and buy new agricultural machinery are provided for farmers:

first, according to their own economic strength. When purchasing new agricultural machinery, you should consider the scope of use, whether for your own use or to make money, according to your economic affordability. Figure 2 the development trend of fan casing is both, to decide what kind of agricultural machinery to buy. For example, if it is used for harvesting or harvesting in other places to make money, appropriate research should be carried out to avoid losses caused by more input and less output, which refers to the selection of harvesters. Of course, we should also consider whether agricultural machines and tools should meet the local agronomic needs and whether they can give full play to the role of new agricultural machinery products. The most critical thing is to consider the functional cost performance. Generally, the price of new products is higher than that of ordinary products. We should consider their future operation, management and benefits. We should not blindly pursue new functions and see how competitive the prospects are. If not, the gains will outweigh the losses

second, select the model according to your needs. Understand the progressiveness and shortcomings of the new agricultural machinery products you want to buy, and then determine whether they are really suitable for your needs, instead of being confused by advertising and blindly buying them. In addition, we should master as much technical data about this model as possible, such as power, economy, versatility, safety, convenience, etc. We should also know whether the product is the product of a national formal enterprise, whether there are "three licenses" (production license, promotion license, quality certificate) and whether it is a national finalized product before we can finally determine whether it can be bought

third, we should consider the versatility of spare parts. There are many new structures and new parts of new agricultural machinery products. The structural shapes and sizes of these parts are different, and they are generally not universal. Some of them can't be bought in the market. Designers must understand that the manufacturer must buy them, which will bring great trouble to repair and replace parts. In addition, sometimes, although we can find a local spare parts store for this product, the price of spare parts is often high due to the lack of competitors, which will artificially increase the maintenance cost and production cost. Therefore, it is best to buy spare parts to supply popular products

Traditional 3D printing materials are mainly PS plastic and nylon.

fourth, pay attention to after-sales service. Due to the particularity of the structure of new agricultural machinery products, most users can't fully grasp it at the moment. When there are major faults in use, they are often helpless. Therefore, when buying, consumers must not ignore the after-sales "Three Guarantees" service problem and ask for "one ticket and two certificates", one ticket is the sales invoice, and the two certificates refer to the product certificate and the Three Guarantees certificate, which is an important certificate of the "Regulations on the return of agricultural machinery products and the investment, replacement and repair of new equipment" (commonly known as the Three Guarantees) issued by five ministries and commissions including the State Economic and Trade Commission. If the "Three Guarantees" service is difficult to be in place in time, it will delay the operation time and cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, it is best to buy the machine from the local agricultural machinery company and ask the seller to make a commitment to provide after-sales "Three Guarantees" service in time

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