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Li Musong: German "phoenix" Chinese heart

"editor's note:" phoenix "means" phoenix "in German and English, but Phoenix is a god bird representing auspiciousness and nobility in traditional Chinese culture. "Phoenix China", perhaps from the beginning, Germany's "Phoenix Contact" should have a hand-in-hand fate with China, the birthplace of "phoenix"

8. After tightening the sample, in 1993, the emergence of Li Musong prompted the German "foreign Phoenix" to make up its mind to land in China

now, 14 years later, Li Musong, the current president of Phoenix Contact China, with his local "phoenix" team, has won high praise from Germany for his Chinese style operation and management. At the same time, he has also been satisfied by China and respected by the industry

tie up with Germany. In fact, before becoming the general manager of Phoenix Contact China (later appointed as president), Li Musong had been a scientific research expert at the Nanjing Institute of automation of the former Ministry of electric power. A visit to Siemens in Germany in 1992 changed the life path of the scientific research expert who had been exploring the path of "serving the country with industry"

"I was a little surprised when I received a call from Phoenix Contact." Li Musong said

at that time, the chairman and President of Phoenix Contact said in that they invited Li Musong to Phoenix Contact. "I told them at that time that today was the penultimate day of my stay in Germany. My air ticket, passport and visa were all arranged. I was going to return home, so I didn't have time to accept your invitation. If I wanted to talk about the Chinese market, we could talk again in China. I would rather receive you there. After an hour, they called and said, can you give us two or three hours? We came to meet you." At that time, Li Musong was moved by the sincerity of the other party

"so I agreed. That was our first contact." Li Musong said

less than a year after this brief meeting, Phoenix Contact Group of Germany reached a cooperation with Nanjing Automation Research Institute of the Ministry of electric power of China, and established Nanjing Sino German Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Phoenix Contact China, by holding 85% of the shares

"Germans want me to be the general manager. My requirement is to invest and build factories locally in China and set up their own team."

the German headquarters was very careful at first, and had doubts about the team organized by Li Musong. "At that time, a financial manager of our company had a junior high school degree, and the Germans attached great importance to the degree, but later their audit proved that our finance was impeccable."

Germany also sent a senior executive to China at the beginning, which is not only because the investor is eager to obtain return on investment in China, but also reflects the lack of trust in the Chinese management team, but the German manager is not familiar with the Chinese market and Chinese culture. Not only did it cost too much to send personnel, but also the German side dismissed him less than a year later because he could not report to the German headquarters truthfully and objectively

finally, the chairman of Phoenix Contact Group commented on Li mushong: "after a year of investigation, we fully trust you and your team."

"the German is very rigorous. At the beginning, he didn't understand it. There are often contradictions between different cultures and backgrounds. But once it is decided, the German will be very trustworthy. And once the German finds out that he is wrong, he will sincerely apologize to you, and it is easier for us to reach an agreement." Li Musong said

build three 100%

although it is a German holding enterprise, Li Musong was still very hard in the early stage of entrepreneurship. A boss went to Beijing on business, lived in the basement and crowded the bus; In hot summer, he also personally sent information to customers. But Li Musong felt that hard work and plain living were not humiliating. Up to now, he still keeps the habit of using "paper drawing" to draw only one sheet

In 1994, in a remote village in Fangshan Township, Jiangning County, Li Musong started his business by relying on a few simple factories. Here, he worked for seven years

after seven years of hardship, Li Musong and his team created a miracle that amazed Chinese and foreign counterparts: since 1994, Phoenix Contact China has increased by more than 50% every year. By 2007, the company's sales have increased nearly 500 times compared with 1994, and it is one of the fastest-growing subsidiaries of the German head office. From the initial stage 6, if the net mass of the whole vehicle decreased by 10%, the preparatory group has developed into a provincial and municipal high-tech enterprise group with more than 1000 employees and total assets of more than US $100million. Its market share ranks first in its domestic counterparts. Since 2004, it has ranked second in the world of Phoenix Contact Group. Its products have grown from several varieties to more than 1000 kinds today, and the cumulative tax payment has exceeded 450million yuan, It also brought us $40million in foreign capital and more than 800 stable jobs to Nanjing

serving the country through industry has always been Li Musong's dream and pursuit. He believes that "in doing business, people are the first. Without an excellent team, the enterprise cannot develop."

"excellent enterprises and excellent performance are created by excellent teams. In China's foreign-funded enterprises, if local employees are only second-class citizens, this enterprise will never succeed." This is Li Musong's "classic saying"

"my personal belief is that Chinese people are capable of doing things well. During the reform and opening up, I went abroad to investigate and found that as technicians, we are no worse than foreign countries. For a long time, we have always believed that whether we can give full play to the current UTM experimental machine capabilities of Chinese people and Chinese employees is the key to our success. Facts have proved that we are capable."

"100% Chinese technicians, 100% local employees, 100% local management" has also been recognized by the German headquarters. The leader of the group company said: "Phoenix has huge wings. On one side, it is the American market, and on the other side, it is the Chinese market, which is the headquarters of the Asia Pacific region. Mr.Li (Li Musong), as Chinese people, they speak a common language. They know the Chinese people, and they also know the Germans. They have the ability to bring the company to a higher stage of development."

Li Musong said, "China's atomic bomb can explode and rocket aircraft can go to heaven. In fact, our technology is not poor. The difference lies in the industrial infrastructure. The launch failure of Austar in that year was defeated by a small part. Therefore, we are determined to do the basic things well."

in September, 2001, Phoenix Contact China said goodbye to its humble factory and moved into a new base in Jiangning Development Zone. In June, 2005, the second phase of the company was completed and put into operation. Relying on the strong power of the Chinese market, Chinese companies have become the largest overseas production base of Phoenix Contact, and have completed the planning and construction of market, R & D, production and logistics. At the same time, they have provided corresponding support to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries. Their products are exported to Europe and America, realizing sustainable and rapid development. Today, the company has set up 22 representative offices throughout the country, with distribution networks throughout the country

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