Rohm and Haas will build an acrylic acid plant in

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Rohmanhaas will build an acrylic acid plant in Saudi Arabia in 2011

rohmanhaas and tasneesaharaolefinsco (TSOC) announced that the two companies would jointly establish an acrylate production plant with a capacity of 250000 T/A in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, in early 2011. Caroleicher, vice president and business director of Rohm and Haas' basic materials business, said that this joint venture plant showed the company's commitment to ensure the monomer production in the right region, at the right time and at the right cost, so as to support the current global growth of modified plastics and metals in the company's acrylic series products

this joint venture is called Saudi acrylic monomer Co, TSOC will own 75% of the company, while Rohm Haas will own 25% of the company. Rohm Haas will invest about US $50million and use its proprietary technology to produce acrylic acid

Rohm Haas will hold most of the products of the plant, while TSOC will have the right to exclusively sell acrylic products in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. TSOC owns Saudi ethylene and polyethylene company (currently dpolyethyleneco.) 75% equity, while lyondellbasel industries owns the remaining 25%

at present, Saudi ethylene and polyethylene company is building an olefin combined plant with a cost of 2 and related technological development of $500million a day. The capacity of the plant will reach 1million T/a ethylene, 285000 T/a propylene and 800000 T/a polyethylene

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