Rockwell Automation launched two controllers

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Rockwell Automation introduced two controllers

allen Bradley compact guardlogix PAC, which integrates safety and motion into a single controller

the new controller uses the same configuration, network and visual environment as the company's large-scale system, which can provide more machines with scalable integrated safety and motion control options

on March 29, Rockwell Automation launched two new controllers, a single controller integrating safety, motion, discrete control and transmission control functions, which is suitable for machine manufacturers and manufacturers with medium-sized application needs. Allen Bradley l43s and l45s compact guardlogix programmable automation controllers (PACS) extend functions previously available only in large Allen Bradley ControlLogix platforms, including diagnostic and information functions that help reduce downtime P as oil inlet and restart time, and a single programming environment that helps improve design and development efficiency

Rockwell Automation was able to launch the compact guardlogix controller, thanks to its leading edge in integrating standards and safety control in a single platform. As a part of Rockwell Automation integrated structure system, compact guardlogix controller uses the same configuration, network and visual environment as the company's large-scale system, which can help machine manufacturers and end users integrate machines or safety applications into the plant wide control system in an economical and practical way

the launch of compact guardlogix PAC has opened a convenient door for many manufacturers using medium-sized applications. Before that, they could not implement the integrated architecture, said Ken deken, vice president of product portfolio management at Rockwell Automation. The scalability of the integrated architecture system means that manufacturers and machine manufacturers can use a single control engine and a single development environment to design their applications, regardless of the application scale

compact guardlogix PAC can control the integrated motion control of up to eight axes through SERCOS communication network. When combined with Allen Bradley kinetix 6200 servo drive, machine manufacturers will obtain advanced safety such as safe speed and safe direction, and adopt proportional electromagnet as electro-mechanical converter function

this controller also supports the use of Allen Bradley compactblock guard i/o module and Allen Bradley point guard i/o module on ethernet/ip, which shortens the system configuration time and improves information sharing. Compact guardlogix controller adopts 1oo2 safety structure, which has been evaluated to meet the standards of safety integrity level 3 (SIL 3) and performance level E (pl e), realizing the highest level of machine safety

when used in combination with the latest version of Rockwell software rslogix 5000 programming software (v18), compact guardlogix controller can speed up debugging with highly integrated user-defined instructions (AOI). AOI can be used for armrest, center console, instrument panel, doormat and other car interiors that need to be connected and fixed. The code of general routines can be encapsulated into a pre verification module that is easy to reuse, so as to save time and reduce the risk of coding errors. Manufacturers in highly regulated industries such as life sciences, food and beverage can also combine the existing rslogix 5000 software with compact guardlogix PAC to manage version control, fulfill regulatory requirements, and help protect intellectual property rights

oem and end-user design solutions are focused on enhancing safety, improving performance levels, and better integrating machines with other production operations, deken said. Through our scalable control platform and advanced configuration environment, manufacturers and OEMs will have a better chance to achieve this goal than before

Rockwell Automation Company (nyse:rok) is the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information. It helps customers improve productivity and promote sustainable development in the world. Rockwell Automation, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, employs about 19000 people and has customers in more than 80 countries around the world

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