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Rockwell Automation launched a comprehensive industrial safety plan

Rockwell Automation today announced a plan to help manufacturers reduce the safety risks of control systems in order to deal with rising network security threats. This plan combines the control system design and best solutions, modern technology and professional services provided by Rockwell Automation and strategic partners including Cisco, and helps automation and IT professionals more effectively provide support for their industrial processes

sujeetchand, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Rockwell Automation, said that at present, the pattern of industrial safety is constantly changing. Therefore, manufacturers must regard safety as the need of business development, rather than a one-time investment. The more secure network architecture allows manufacturers to deploy modern technologies and new solutions such as mobility, visualization and cloud computing while performing mission critical automation functions. Rockwell Automation is dedicated to providing customers with technologies and resources that help simplify the design and management of safety alliance enterprises

Rockwell Automation launched this plan to help enterprise security from the following three aspects:

defense in depth plan: eliminate all kinds of risks by building multi-layer defense, so as to deal with internal and external threats. The adoption of Rockwell Automation defense in depth program in the design and operation of industrial control systems helps manufacturers identify and suppress new and changing threats in industrial systems by setting up relevant processes and strategies

safety automation architecture: industrial control system is the core of production. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the information used for control, configuration and monitoring is sufficiently safe. Rockwell Automation is committed to providing innovative products and services to help reduce asset risks, strengthen asset safety protection and improve the safety of production assets. From consulting services to specific product supply, such as managed switches, secure communications, user authentication and access control, terminal tamper proof functions and tamper proof, Rockwell Automation continues to invest in these areas to provide customers with security solutions and products

industrial security solutions for enterprises: Rockwell Automation cooperates with Cisco and other industry leaders in the field of practical network design and software application, and solves the challenges faced by it and industrial automation security in a timely manner. Using open standard technology, Rockwell Automation and Cisco work together to help manufacturers create a unified security environment for enterprise to workshop terminal equipment. In addition, the two companies also advocate adopting a general network architecture scheme to reduce the inconsistency between network protocols, security schemes and training. In the future, Rockwell Automation and Cisco will jointly develop industrial products and share industrial control system security resources, so as to provide guidance for elastic network design, access control, background identification management and asset protection

guidojour, vice president and general manager of Cisco IOT business unit ◆ Pe1 is the average temperature rise and fall speed in the whole process llethane TPU - the best substitute for PVC in medical equipment manufacturing. Et said that Rockwell Automation and Cisco jointly guided manufacturers to realize that information security spans the whole range from factory workshops to enterprises. We need to use our experience in the IT field to guide manufacturers to understand the business value of adopting comprehensive and consistent security solutions. In addition, we also provide relevant expertise and solutions to provide security for its important physical and intellectual assets in an environment of changing security threats

the industrial security plan launched by Rockwell Automation is based on the multi-layer network design scheme, which integrates the elastic structure and terminal equipment with security functions in the network architecture, which can help manufacturers set up a sustainable security scheme, carry out a comprehensive security assessment, and deploy a solid security architecture within the scope of automation and Industrial IT assets. The core of this plan is to implement a safe network architecture based on the standard interne fatigue testing machine used in the corresponding test fixture of the equipment

for details on the best solution of security and defense strategies, please download the white paper jointly provided by Rockwell Automation and Cisco, and see the precautions for safety design of industrial automation network

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